We are a logistic services provider for the delivery of “banking products”, with the objective is building fidelity in several bank customer segments, through pioneering logistic solutions, technology, and using exclusive resources for each client. We count with staff specialized in the delivery, cutting edge technology for the control in the control of each delivery of banking products, and a world-class IT system (SaaS), which allows us to trace every KIT in a real time basis. We have developed several support and security procedures, based on ISO 9001-2008, along with the customizable report generation and our online platform to analyze and better manage each operation as well as measuring our clients’ satisfaction.


5Main Features of our Banking Delivery Service

• Delivery of banking products with own staff and resources, constant online watch.

• Staff qualified and dedicated in consolidating banking KITs and documents to final clients (If needed).

• Facilities and special warehousing for banking products assigned by the bank.

• Permanent training to commercial and operating staff according to required methodology, processes and TRANSYTEC’s customer service seal.

• Special equipment used in every delivery and connected to our web platform and HQ, allowing tracking location, product status and schedules.

• Checking and updating database for clients tagged as “unreachable”

• Documentary management in each delivery.

• Customizable reporting system according to clients’ specifications.

Real time visibility for clients in delivery status.


6Benefits for the Banks 

• Building fidelity towards the bank thanks to the professionalization in the delivery of banking products and documents.

• Minimization in activation times for banking products.

• Methodology supported by top of the line technological platform.

• Staff trained with jointly with the banks themselves in order to give the best service and comply with every requirement.

• Reduction in risk of client rejection due to poorly delivered products.

• Deliveries securely effectuated based on our work methodology.

• Verification of “unreachable” clients database.

• Online scheduling for every delivery, done jointly with the bank.

• Digitalization of documents and real time signature verification.

• Customizable reporting system.

• Extra support in marketing and client programs through an increase in direct contact with clients.


7Benefits for the Banks’ clients

• Reduced product delivery time.

• Personalized service and timely deliveries for different customer segments.

• Deeper approach for Bank to its customers (capability of reacting immediately and “on the spot” to questions and queries about products)

• Save time and concerns from customers, thanks to the possibility of the activation of products online.

• Continuous delivery status updating.

• Transparency and reliability towards the bank, through a process of professional, informative and efficient delivery.

• Improved image of the Bank to the customer, thanks to a simplified and practical process for customers.