We are a dedicated transport & logistics provider, offering exclusive fleets to each client. We tailor integral logistic solutions based in world-leading technology and processes; therefore, we are confident that our services will provide you the tools to allow your company to take your logistic service levels and transport to be the timeliest, the most reliable and transparent. (Our daily operation support team and capacity of managing the logistic processes in different levels and in real time)

1. Security in Transport: Thought for valuable Products and Documents

Based on the right mix of technology and processes, we are able to offer the safest competitive service for our cargo. We count with several step-by-step methodologies depending on different risks and matching each one of our clients’ needs. 

11 Process control, with sets of live cameras in warehouses and vehicles.
2 Qualified personnel, escorts and security staff.
3 GPS live tracking, checks for unexpected door opening and on route stops; alarms connected to HQ.
4 Insurances depending on cargo.
5 Constant communication with HQ during procedures.





2. Cutting-edge Technology: based on Process, Platform and Equipment integration

Our Technology has been defined through the integration of different plataforms “SaaS”, based on live monitoring through special equipment, and a well-established quality methodology; we count with:

21 GPS and security cameras installed in every vehicle.
2 Online monitoring for every delivery.
3 Escort services
4 Special equipment to track cargo
5 On-demand reporting
6 Support and operational continuity





3. Cargo Traceability: For Real time Delivery and Process Monitoring

To  assure all cargo traceability, TRANSYTEC has developed a world-class system to the logistical industry, allowing:

31 Geo-localization in warehouses, distribution centers and on-route.
2 On route stop reporting
3 Speed control
4 Route maps
5 Inbound and outbound time management
6 Integration with each clients’ logistic systems





 4. Professional Experience: For the Right Management of our Logistic Operations

Our operations department is formed by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, specialized in transport for high-value products and documents, whose objective is guaranteeing the right handling and management of our operations, integrating the following:

41 Logistic management
2 Equipment handling
3 Planning and scheduling
4 Security procedures
5 Document management
6 Reverse logistics
7 Retail and Banking






1 Exclusive fleet for every logistic operation
2 Pioneering systems in tracking and real time monitoring: stop control, cargo status and door openings, GPS tracking, speed control, route mapping, time control and much more.
3 Delivery and goods control
4 Integration with actual logistical systems, allowing better coordination and information sharing.